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    Released on May 17th

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released February 19, 2017

recorded in december 2016 at dirty sound studio, verona, italy

mixed&masterd by will killingsworth at dead air studios, massachusetts



all rights reserved


shizune Lonigo, Italy

Five piece DIY
retro engineering
punk / screamo

Lonigo, Italy

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Track Name: the dreamers sleep on concrete
I shall die as I have lived
deprived of everything
that would have made
this live worth living
among corpses
to feed the living

I beg you!
"will you care for me tonight?"
"I swear I care but not tonight!"

We have finished our lives
long before our death
Counting backwards to infinity
Silence is the only way to speak
So loud no one could even hear

Thus spoke silence
to my ears
so loud that no one
could even hear
no one
Track Name: dance dance dance
just take a hand to your chest
I'm alive in every breath
I ring harder in your thoughts
to fill ideas left incomplete
can you hear it/feel it?
everything I do for you

revolution in every beat
being consciuous
of the love we share
it's you to me
it's me to you
we never come undone

we're the whispers in the air
we're your most neglected thought
we keep echoing in your mind
to remind you are one of our kind
we're the whispers in the air
your most neglected thought
we keep dancing late at night
to remind you are one of our kind
Track Name: lentiggini
miriamo all'infinito
perdendoci in eterno
la quiete a cui aspiriamo
reclama la tua fine
da ogni tua misurazione
la semplicità di calcolo
non lascia alcuna libertà

se in ogni costante
risulto lontano
dividila ed aggiungimi
in ogni frazione
rimasta per sempre
insieme a te

il tempo che resta
al contrario
dopo tutto
non c'è più niente
Track Name: take her to takamatsu toonice

Take me to dance
and let's make out
on the floor
there is no music nowadays
sweeter than our bodies
Track Name: per stare al passo coi tempi ho perso tutti di vista
verità legate ad un nodo
che mai si scioglierà
in virtù del progresso
e della razionalità

è futile
denigrare il nemico
quando si convive
sullo stesso preciso
campo di battaglia
se la fine giunge
sempre e solo
con il fuoco amico

"vous nous voiez cy attachez cinq, six:
quant de la chair, que trop avons nourrie,
elle est pieça devorée et pourrie,
et nous, les os, devenons cendre et pouldre"

Il disordine non può più attendere
e non c'è bisogno di alcun profeta
per dipingere lo scempio
ormai prossimo a lambire gli argini
per trascinarci in un abisso di omertà
impregnato di quel fumo
che sempre più incensi
più ti acceca
e copre il fetore
dei tuoi organi
in cancrena
Track Name: dead all day, rodeo tonight!
we come together invain
when we reject each way,
each possibility of
reading the true system
of our heart
I'm purposely not
saying that
the instruction lies
within our sight
within our will
to figure out
that is from my eyes
that you find yourself
a mirror to the inner of man

together invain
we lay
united afraid

the waves are wounds
accross the sea
claiming the sky
to run ashore
we found delight
in admiring storms
vent immovable vengeance
blow away the wind
and our lands are tombs
leave aside the breeze
and our lungs are stones
that crack
to breath
at night
to swim
us down
to the bottom
Track Name: espiazione del moratorium
peccati intrisi
nel sangue sgorga
nuda indifferenza
per ogni morte assolta

l'ineluttabile decadenza del pensiero
ci eleva martiri dell'ignoranza
vittime immortali
nella consumazione delle nostre colpe
Track Name: kathmandu
mi è caduto
per puro caso
lo sguardo su di te
in ginocchio innanzi un muro
di polvere e mattoni
avvolto nella luce
riflessa su di me
trasuda di illusione
che è un vizio,
un gioco che i pastori
sublimano da secoli
provando che l'inganno
è un'arte divina
Track Name: always separate the drugs
"to be good and lead
a good life means
to give to others
more than one takes
from them"

pictures of entire lives
(we see them everyday)
passing, begging, haunting
(we hear them everyday)

silence is a privilege
we are not allowed
is it over? is it over?
it ends when we cross the light

there are no exceptions,
suffering is what it is meant to be
and will always be

pour tois toujours c'est jamais
pour nous jamais c'est toujours
c'est l'amour qui nous consume
et c'est l'amour qui nous condamne